Coaching, Workshops, Research

Executive Coaching

We work with senior level executives to enhance self-awareness that drives greater leadership effectiveness. We do this by exploring your experiences within the context of your organisational role and relationships with others. Together we determine opportunities to discover your best self, and so increase your leadership impact.

These sessions are conducted one-to-one, in a safe environment where you can openly reflect on your own experiences and challenges.

Team Coaching

In modern organisations, teams are the fundamental unit of success, and the core reason why organisations succeed or fail. When a team is dysfunctional – or perhaps simply not optimising its potential – your leadership contribution to the business is diminished.

Experience teaches us that the way in which leaders and team members interact with each other determines the degree of performance effectiveness and contribution to the business. As coaches, we focus on optimising leadership and team dynamics – formal and informal – that influence team cohesion and communication between team members to maximise potential results for the business.

Workshops and executive knowledge sessions

We design and lead bespoke development workshops and executive knowledge sessions that facilitate the team and organisational learning critical to your business success.

We bring corporate, entrepreneurial and sports expertise that delivers high impact learning within the context of leadership, change, entrepreneurial mindset, innovation and creativity. Workshops can be delivered either in-house or at an external location best-suited to the specific needs of your team and/or organisation.

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